Thursday Training: Training normally starts each Thursday at 18.45 sharp from the Royal Free Hospital Recreation centre in Fleet Road. We will wait if you let us know you’re coming but please be prompt. Training suspended during the coronavirus outbreak.

Orienteering during the Coronavirus outbreak

In line with Government advice, British Orienteering has suspended all organised Orienteering events and activities.
Small low-key events are allowed to start from 1st August. See the BOF Coronavirus Guidelines.
However, Permanent Orienteering Courses remain open. They are an excellent recreational activity for individuals and families which can be continued during the outbreak while still maintaining social distancing.
Watch this video to find out more.
LOK maintains Permanent Courses at Hampstead Heath and Golders Hill Park in cooperation with the City of London Corporation.
You can download the pdf for Hampstead Heath here.
You can download the pdf for Golders Hill Park here.
Alternatively, both are available via the free Mobile Orienteering App. Search for MOBO Orienteering. At each control post, you can scan the QR code, and your punch is uploaded to the MOBO website

John Hardy 1941-2020

John Hardy (on the right)

John Hardy (on the right)

We regret to announce that John Hardy, one of LOK’s longest standing members, died on 21st March. Over the years, John took on many roles in the Klubb, including that of Chair from 2004 – 2006.

With Catherine Galvin, he inaugurated the Trent Park Boxing Day Score event in 1992 which is now an annual fixture. In many years he was the organiser but, more recently, John has been in charge of the ever-popular mulled wine. In 2010 he reported on a snowy race admitting his was the only injury: he sliced open his finger when cutting the fruit for the wine.

Orienteering and singing with Southgate Opera were two very important activities for John. Recently as his health deteriorated , he was unable to carry on competing, but he nevertheless made a big effort to get to Klubb events such as the summer park races, the AGM and the Christmas dinner.

The Klubb sends its condolences to his wife Betty and their children Geoffrey, Stella and Catherine. God bless John.

Compass Sport Cup qualifying round 2020 – 15th March – Hampstead Heath

Thank you for attending the Hampstead Heath Compass Sport Cup qualifiying round.

Final course results are available here including Compass Sport Cup results.  Routegadget, WinSplits results and Attackpoint results are also available.    Please upload your route to Routegadget so everyone can see where you went.   Note the Routegadget results exclude the road timeouts.

Congratulations to SLOW and GO who go forward to the CSC final.

Enquiries via

Lost property:
Blue CompassSport headband
Contact David Rosen to claim.

StreetO Tuesday 11 February 2020 – The Angel, Islington

Venue: The Three Johns 73 White Lion Street N1 9PF Google Maps
Planner/Organiser:Elaine Battson (LOK)


Boxing Day Score Event 26th December 2019 – Trent Park

Traditional Boxing Day one-hour score event with a mass start, staged jointly by LOK and HH (full details are here).

Results are here.
Routegadget, where you can plot your route, is here.

Organiser’s comments

The rain held off for everybody in the mass start at 11:00 event and the 85 competitors enjoyed a damp but verdant Trent Park more or less to themselves for a change. Thanks to Mick Smith of HH for planning the course. The distribution of controls varied somewhat from last year with a number of 30-point scoring controls within easy reach of the centre of the park – but that is what maintains the challenge in orienteering.

Congratulations to Bethany Hanson and James McCormick, top scorers amongst female and male competitors respectively. This year James was the only competitor who got all the controls within the 60 minute time limit whereas last year there were 9. This was perhaps a reflection of the muddy conditions underfoot. Top junior was Tegan Frampton (W14) of HH scoring 480 out of a maximum of 600 points.

As ever it was a team effort with many helpers performing multiple roles – the Parkes (Kevin, Penny and Laura), the Erringtons (Helen, Simon, James and Peter), Roger Moulding from HH and Anne Power and Charmaine Kwan from LOK. Jim Prowting of TVOC assisted the planner. Special mention also to the Clearys – Ronan, Julie and Frank – who not only controlled the event but also ran the mass start.

I trust you have all washed off all the mud off your shoes and all you have to do now is mark up your route on Routegadget (link above).

Catherine Galvin, Event organiser, LOK

Planner’s comments

As the Organiser pointed out in her comments, there were more high scoring controls within easy reach of the Start and Finish, and it was part of my strategy to enable the ‘slower’ runners, particularly those who would have no chance of visiting more than about 20 controls, to score proportionately higher than in previous years.  I believe the results have reflected this.  I also wanted to try to give those who might expect to score the maximum of 600, one or two places where they would need to decide whether there would be time to detour to visit a 10 point control within the hour.  Once again, the results show that a few runners who chose to do that, must have regretted their decision on arriving back a minute or two late.  The most significant detour was to 119 – the gate on the western edge of the map.  One victim of this was Bethany, who, despite being the highest placed lady, in 6th place, would have come a comfortable 3rd with 570 points and no time penalties if she had not visited 119.

One of my observations from studying the results was that Ian Buxton (TVOC) chose an optimal route for his given speed, visiting nine at 30 points and seven at 20 points with only three at 10 points, totalling 440 points from only 19 controls.  Having finished nearly 5 minutes early, he should have had enough time to visit 137 and 114, giving him a total score of 480, taking him 8 places higher.

I received one comment expressing amusement at the siting of the control ‘underneath a tree’, which was actually inside the hollow trunk, and I was encouraged by the thanks I received from several competitors who enjoyed the ‘course’ despite the mud in the southern part and the brambles in the north (which I tried to avoid when choosing control sites).

Thank you all for coming along and making my efforts worthwhile, and very special thanks to Jim Prowting, Dawn and Danny Figg for helping me to collect in all the controls during the heavy downpour that followed the event. Thanks also go to Simon and James for getting up early to hang controls in the north and east area.

Mick Smith, Planner, HH

Tuesday 8th October 2019 Turnpike Lane

Part of the The StreetO Series 2019/20


Alex Owen

The Westbury pub 57 Westbury Ave, Wood Green, London N22 6SA

Middlesex University Friday 20th September

As part of the London City Race weekend, LOK organised a sprint race around the campus of Middlesex University, Hendon.







Join LOK Online senior £26.50 junior £9.00.

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