Orienteer with your Smart Phone

The Hampstead Heath Permanent Orienteering Course is now available for your smartphone/Ipad … see who has completed the course here.

Hampstead Heath Permanent Course Post
Hampstead Permanent Course Post

Download the free ‘MOBO app’ to obtain the orienteering map of Hampstead Heath on your smartphone by searching for ‘MOBO Orienteering’. You will be able to view the map on your screen. You will also need a separate app for reading Quick Response (QR) codes (this is a matrix barcode).

Each control post on the Heath now has a QR code (see image). Use your phone to scan the code; this is the equivalent of ‘punching’ a control. The information is immediately uploaded to the MOBO website where you can see what controls you have visited and compare your results with others. If you do not have mobile Internet you can upload the stored results from your phone when you next connect.

Hampstead Heath is only  the second such “MOBO” course in the UK.

London Ultra Sprint – 21 September 2013

Results and videos here

Orienteering videos

See the 5 minute video as part of Sky Sports Get Involved series … includes footage from the January 2012 event at Yateley.

If you are new to orienteering, there are some orienteering videos online which can give you an idea of the sport. Click here for the Scottish 6 day 2013 event promotional video. Click here for a video taken in Norway in 2011.

The map is coloured according to the speed you can run the terrain. Orienteering is a challenging sport for all ages (Images 2, 4 Digisport; 3 British Orienteering)
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