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GLOSS event 4 – Wimbledon Common

Another scorchingly hot day for event 4 in the GLOSS series on the same day as the men’s singles final just a kilometre or so away on Centre Court. At least GLOSSites were able to shelter under the veranda of the Telegraph pub whilst they patiently waited to be registered while SLOW sought to make their all electronic set up run smoothly – thanks to Phil Craven (DFOK) and Mike Elliot (MV) who helped sort out problems before Gordon Parker (SLOW) was able to take over.

But the wait was well worth it – Wimbledon Common’s woods afforded protection from the blazing heat as well as navigational challenge to those who didn’t want to take the long way round on the paths. Thanks to Duncan Grassie (SLOW) for both planning and organising. Highlights were first contactlessly punching the hill summit (#7) at Jerry’s Hill and then sight of the impressive Wimbledon Windmill between #8 and #9.

Quickest today was Ed Catmur (M35) in just 22:26 and Heather Findley in 33:36, both from host club SLOW. Impressive among the juniors was Frank Townley (M16) of SN in 32:50. It was also good to see a sprinkling of international visitors from Italy, Germany and Russia enjoying their orienteering

See here for unhandicapped results and organisers comments.

Competition on handicap was intense with 81 competitors successfully negotiating their way round.  Provisional results on handicap are here. HAVOC were clear winners with the new handicap system with 5 scorers in the top 20 results.  The other clubs were some distance away with LOK just ahead of MV, SLOW, DFOK and HH.

Series points going into the final round are as per the table below.   HAVOC have taken a clear lead – but with one event score to be dropped, can other clubs catch up?

Any scoring queries to Paul Todd.

Don’t forget to mark up your route on Routegadget.

The heat is predicted to continue to the final event hosted by MV at Beddington Park, an area unused since 2009. Will the temperature reach 26C or more again? Be there to find out!

Catherine Galvin,  GLOSS 2018 series coordinator

GLOSS Scoring After 3 Events

Here is the GLOSS Series scoring after the first three events.

All to play with best of 4 to count – HH can lose their Addington score, but need to get good scores at remaining two. SLOW looking good for their own event on Sunday but can they get people to Bedington so they can lose their score from Hornchurch. HAVOC are steady 2nd/3rd place each week but is that good enough to win the series?



GLOSS event 3 – Ellenbrook Fields


LOK at the World Masters Orienteering Championships in Denmark

Sunglasses and a sunhat were recommended attire at today’s GLOSS in the sweltering heat of Ellenbrook Fields,  an area of scrubland that was once the aerodrome at Hatfield. Long sleeves would also have been handy to protect against the rampant vegetation. This is the first time, and likely the the last time, that HH will use this venue for GLOSS as permission has been granted for gravel extraction from this site.

GLOSSites were treated to sprint style planning by David Frampton with two butterfly loops to split up competitors but on an area rather un-sprint like in its unevenness underfoot . Only for two controls did we venture into more easygoing woodland. Balance as well orienteering skills were definitely required on the 3.6km, 20m climb, 20 control course. As well as scampering skills to clear the locked gate — thanks to grazing cattle — ahead of the last two controls into the Finish.

Thanks also to Helen Errington for organising the event and tweaking the usual arrangements for a HH Saturday Series event to the needs of GLOSS . Assembly was located close to the Start and Finish,  somewhat of a hike from the car parking. A parasol afforded some protection to the registration team from the baking sun.

Quickest was Alexander Lines (M21) of Southdowns (SO) by almost 2 minutes in 24:04, followed by James Errington (M21) of HH in 26:00. Third was Ian Jones (M55) of North Gloucester club NGOC, a further 75 seconds behind. Sue Carter was quickest of the female competitors in 34:51. Younger competitors were few and far between with Shane Muggeridge (M20) of HAVOC  and Georgia Jones (W20) of NGOC taking 33:31 and 36:29 respectively. Fastest juniors were Tullio Acanforna (M18) for DFOK in 65:53 and Hannah Trotman (W16) for HH in 69:11. Quickest of the ultra-veteran competitors were David Kingdon (SAX) and Janet Biggs (HAVOC) in 38:15 and 78:05 respectively.

The GLOSS course itself proved sufficient for most in the 30c+ heat with Alex Lines an easy winner over 6.0km in 41:27.

Then it was home to the other big event of the day. Sweden is the undisputed home of orienteering but would England prevail in the sport it invented?

See here for unhandicapped results.

With 29 competitors successfully getting round the GLOSS course HH were clear winners on handicap. In second place were HAVOC, 25 points behind with just 12 competitors. Only 2 other clubs fielded a full team of six scoring competitors, namely SLOW and DFOK. Quickest on handicap was James Blake (M40) of HH followed by Tony Biggs (M65) of HAVOC, Karl Jones (M45) of HH and Jennifer Taylor (W70) of CHIG. Tony and Jennifer’s handicaps were hard earned based as they were on their best six runs at ranking events in the past year, whereas James and Karl’s  handicaps had been earned at a single event, both at HH’s Egypt Woods & Burnham Beeches ‘badge’ event back in icy cold February.

Provisional results on handicap are here. Series points to follow shortly.

Any scoring queries to Paul Todd.

Don’t forget to mark up your route on Routegadget.

There is now a short interlude before GLOSS resumes next Sunday, 15 July. No let up in the heat is yet predicted. Be there to find out if hosts SLOW will be as imaginative as today’s planner with Wimbledon Common!

Catherine Galvin,

GLOSS 2018 series coordinator


The 2018 London Park Race Series

Results for Victoria Park on Tuesday 3rd July in Victoria Park. Draw your route on Routegadget.
Split times, WinSplits Online for Victoria Park
Found – a set of keys dropped in the park by someone “running with a map”. If they are yours, contact David

Greater London Orienteering Summer Series

There are 5 events each Sunday from 24 June to 22 July. See the 2018 GLOSS series flyer

GLOSS event 2 – Addington Hills

Another scorcher! Even the dainty netbook acting as our results ‘master’ wilted in the heat – its fan simply couldn’t cope.

Addington Hills poses a proper orienteering challenge with a succession of spurs and gullies to catch the unwary out, even in more clement weather. That however was precisely the attraction for the 97 competitors, many of whom came on the tram.

Thanks to the planning team of Dmitry Ushakov and Paul Todd. Paul was also our organiser and mapper.  We had a brand new LIDAR map – with some of the previous contours, based on OS data, significantly shifting as a result. (We hope to use the area next for the SE Relays in 2019.)

Quickest on the 3.4, 115 m climb, 13 control course was Michael Muggeridge (M55) of HAVOC in 27:13, followed by another Dmitry, Dmitry Adamskiy (M21) of SLOW 41 seconds behind, followed by last week’s winner, James Errington of HH, a further 17 seconds behind. Not much slower was Rebecca Dal Bon in 31:37. Of the younger competitors, Shane Muggeridge (M20) of HAVOC  took 34:37, Matthew Dixon (M16) of HH 36:03 and Jemima Hayward-bhikha (W18) of SLOW 63:47. See here for unhandicapped results.

To round the day off some of the organising team headed for the Chinese restaurant conveniently located not far from the Finish. It was reported to be nice and cool inside, including by John Pratt, who is the only person who has been a LOK  member continuously since from when it was founded in 1971.

Club scoring under the revamped handicapping system was not as close at the top as last week – less critical to the overall scoring this week was where the contingent of unranked competitors, each earning a ratio of actual points to expected points of exactly 1.0, fell. Only 6 competitors fell into this category, only 2 of whom counted to club scoring  — last week 14 and 6 respectively.

With 20 competitors successfully completing the GLOSS course, SLOW was the easy winner with the top 3 finishing places on handicap — Nicolas Roux (M40), Jemima Hayward-bhikha and Barbara Griessner (W45). HAVOC were 44 points behind with 14 finishers,  closely followed by DFOK, MV and then last week’s winner, HH, in 5th place. Therefore all to play for in events 3, 4 and 5 in the series.  Any scoring queries to Paul Todd.

Don’t forget to mark up your route on Routegadget. (If you haven’t got round to it, do also mark up your route from last week’s Hornchurch Country Park here.)

The weather forecast for next Saturday’s event at Ellenbrook Fields is also predicted to be a scorching 29c. See you there!

Catherine Galvin – GLOSS 2018 series coordinator

GLOSS Event 1 – Hornchurch

The scoring for Hornchurch is now available here. A narrow win for HH with LOK, HAVOC and DFOK only a few points behind.
There was a solid turnout at the inaugural event of the 2018 GLOSS series at Hornchurch Country Park. Most competitors opted for the 3.7km, 12 control GLOSS course in the 26c heat, even if they had previously declared other intentions. James Errington (M21), fresh from anchoring the final leg of Happy Herts’ Harvester relays ‘A’ team at Tilgate was quickest in 24:22 minutes. James was one of the six competitors at the Harvester who made it to the event.
The London Orienteering Klubb (LOK)’s success in winning the Combined Harvester trophy in 1986 was in fact the inspiration for the commissioning of the London Bus Trophy, awarded each year to the winner of the GLOSS series since 1988.
Quickest female was Sue Carter (SLOW) in 32:47 and juniors Matthew Dixon (M16) of HH in 34:21 and Camille Roux (W18) of SLOW in 43:25.
Thanks to Janet Biggs (HAVOC) for planning the progressively more testing GLOSS course across a mix of wood and open areas, the latter characterised by the recently mown springy long grass.
Thanks also to also to Colin Jackson for organising. Full (unhandicapped) results are available on HAVOC’s website. Show the planner where you went and review others’ routes on Routegadget.
This was the debut of a revised approach to handicapping now fully based on British Orienteering’s ranking scheme. Competitors are now awarded points based on how well on the day they outdo their ranking. Any scoring queries to Paul Todd.

Next up is Addington Hills on Sunday, 1 July, the jewel in the crown of GLOSS 2018 series venues, newly remapped using LIDAR data and unused since 2010. See you there.
More details about the series are on the GLOSS page.
Catherine Galvin
2018 GLOSS series coordinator (LOK)

The 2018 London Park Race Series
Tuesday 19th June FinsburyPark

RESULTS for Finsbury Park are now available. Routegadget available to share your route at
Split times, WinSplits Online
Lost Property: Black Silva case, Garmin heart monitor chest band. Contact David Rosen for return

LOK Data Protection Policy

LOK have published a Data Protection Policy document which explains how personal data is obtained, used, stored, and deleted as part of the normal operation of the club.

Sunday April 8th LOK Colour-Coded event on Hampstead Heath

View from Parliament Hill
Well done to everyone who came along to the Heath and we hope you’ve now dried out and washed the mud off.

Results, RouteGadget etc.

If you enjoyed it and aren’t yet a club member, do consider joining LOK. You get reduced price entry at most events and there is the opportunity to go training on the Heath on Thursday evenings – it isn’t usually so wet! Join London OK and British Orienteering online senior £21.50 junior £7.30.

Tuesday February 13th LOK Street Orienteering event in Bloomsbury

rugby_tavern_picture60 minute score event.
RESULTS Thanks to Elaine for an excellent event and to the Rugby Tavern for hosting us.

Weekly evening training

Members of the club train on Hampstead Heath every Thursday evening.

Where: Royal Free Hospital Recreation Club (includes changing and shower facilities) in Fleet Road, Hampstead (near corner of Pond Street, London NW3 2QG)
When: 6.30 p.m. for a 6.45 p.m. start, Thursday evenings.

We run for about an hour. The training is primarily just running but can include some orienteering practice. The training is open to all, including non-members and those new to orienteering or who only want a run – just turn up at the Recreation Club.

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