1199 Seiu Collective Bargaining Agreement Nyc

The employer undertakes to notify the Union of any proposal to reallocate tariff units occupied into unconventional units. 45.1 Employee compensation plans in collective agreement units are presented in this article. The parties recognize the importance of food and rest breaks and are committed to ensuring that employees receive appropriate lunch breaks. Within six (6) months of the ratification of this agreement, the HMC Nurse Staffing Committee will review the availability and frequency of employees who make meals and breaks in the 4WH Rehab. The Union has priority over all workers in the bargaining units, and in particular the Union delegates, in an attempt to resolve complaints at the lowest possible level. The employer also has priority on its supervisory staff, to cooperate fully with EU delegates and other EU representatives in order to resolve any complaints quickly. 42.6 Union delegates. Union delegates are Harborview employees who are members of the bargaining units. The employer recognizes the union`s right to determine: II, Social Workers 2 and Dietitians – For social workers 1 and 2 Social WorkersAssistist 2 and dietitians, and dietitians who have completed their probation period, are granted to each employee of the rate unit up to forty (40) hours per exercise up to forty (40) hours per exercise and proportional to each individual part-time worker for the education and/or work holidays. Tax deduction. After authorisation from a single worker for the Union, the employer provides for semi-annual deductions for union dues, which apply uniformly to all members of the bargaining units in which the Union is the exclusive bargaining partner. The union agrees that for the duration of the agreement, the university may implement changes to transportation policy, including the adjustment of parking charges and criteria for allocating parking spaces to the bargaining unit, without the obligation to negotiate with the union.

The union will still be able to appoint a member of the Harborview Medical Center Park Committee in accordance with section 15. Since 1998, more than a dozen former SEIU healthcare companies have merged with 1199, and they have brought their own history, conditions and contracts. The strategic goal of 1199SEIU is to achieve a high level for all health professionals. All registered nurses who complete their master`s degree in care during the duration of the agreement will receive an additional salary increase after the conclusion. 14.1 Reuse. For the purposes of determining benefits, workers covered by this agreement and rehired are treated as recruited, except that a worker dismissed because of lack of resources or a work limitation and who is reinstated within twenty-four months (plus an extension of twelve [12] months on application), is entitled to the benefits previously incurred and the placement on the salary plan that the worker had at the time of dismissal. 14.3 Liability Insurance. The employer provides appropriate liability insurance to all workers in the collective agreements unit and provides, upon request, a summary of the insurance policy or insurance declaration.

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