Uci Service Agreement

In some cases, staff with research or apprenticeship positions may provide services as contractors. Each case must be approved by the human resources department and the purchasing manager. An agreement that allows another party to use the name or logo of the university and may include payment or any other consideration. These agreements are subject to UCI policies and guidelines and guidelines (see section 700-20). APPENDIX HIPPA BA (PDF) Attached to an agreement if a trading partner has access to or uses or discloses protected health information (PHI), or performs functions covered by HIPAA. It is UCOP policy that the university asks third parties to agree and sign the university`s HIPAA BA. Agreements with external organizations, agencies and individuals that are used for the implementation of approved programs and activities, regardless of whether the university is the provider or recipient of the service covered by the agreement. These agreements are governed by the irvine delegation of the authority IDA 508 [replaced by IDA594] – services and related speeches. Agreements in which the university sells services that are not struggling with university research are commonly referred to as distribution and service agreements. If changes are made after receiving a signature, all parties must initially sign the amendment initially or sign the new version of the agreement Contractual amendments to an existing contract require a change (extended work, duration, compensation, T-C, etc.). The change model can be viewed here (PDF). All agreements under this delegation must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines and procedures applicable to universities and campuses for each transaction, including, but not limited to, the commercial and financial bulletins and the UCI guidelines and administrative procedures.

All insurance and compensation language agreements must be verified before being complied with UCI guidelines and approved by UCI Risk Services. All agreements regarding the items mentioned in The Regents Standing Orders, Section 100.4 (dd) (1-10) must be verified by the Campus Council to determine the appropriate handling or authorization. A. The estimated revenues or expenses from the service functions and/or this directive are intended to make the campus understand the importance of transparency in agreements between the UCI and for-profit organizations. Any agreement with an external body or other business activity should be structured to protect the fundamental values and mission of the university. Teachers and university staff must avoid a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest in their actions on behalf of the university. Appendix – Data Security (“APP DS”) Attached to an agreement when a third party creates, stores, manages, uses or transmits UC information or when a third party receives non-public or protected information. Ask for proposals for work costing more than $100,000 or more or send a form to justify the basic source and price requirement (PDF). The cost of the document is reasonable for agreements under $100,000. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline our processes. Please contact the purchasing services team at l`Contracts@uci.edu if you feel that the UCI has the option of negotiating a master service contract with a contractor/supplier that your service uses regularly. This delegation does not include the power to grant licences (either directly or through guarantee agreements) or to grant facilities; are used for transactions under the control of other delegations, such as the enforcement power of sales contracts, subcontracting and standard orders for goods and services, for example.

B; executing real estate leases (leasing); request and accept or execute certain alien grants and contracts; executing affiliation contracts with other institutions or hospitals; or canvassing and accepting gifts.

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