Wto Agreement On Pre-Shipment Inspection

(a) between pre-shipment screening bodies and all associated agencies of the relevant pre-oil inspection centres, including all agencies where they have a financial or commercial interest, or between agencies with a financial interest in the relevant pre-independence checkpoints whose transfers are controlled by pre-inspection services; Further information on the WTO pre-delivery agreement is also available by entering the pre-shipment inspection into the search engine of the World Trade Organization website. This page also contains general information about the World Trade Organization and its international trade agreements. (a) pre-shipment inspection authorities only object to a contractual price agreed between an exporter and an importer if they are able to demonstrate that their conclusions at an unsatisfactory price are based on an audit procedure consistent with the criteria set out in paragraphs (b) to e). 6. User members ensure that pre-delivery regulators provide exporters with a list of all the information necessary to enable exporters to meet inspection requirements. Pre-delivery control agencies provide effective information when requested by exporters. This information contains a reference to the laws and regulations of the user`s members with respect to pre-shipment inspection activities, inspection procedures and criteria, as well as exchange rate prices and revisions, exporters` rights to supervisory bodies, and recourse procedures under paragraph 21. Additional procedural requirements or changes to existing procedures do not apply to a transfer unless the exporter concerned is informed of these changes at the time of the inspection date. However, in emergency situations of the types covered by Sections XX and XXI of the 1994 GATT, these additional requirements or modifications may be applied to a transfer before the exporter has been informed.

However, this assistance does not exempt exporters from their obligations to comply with user members` import rules. b) Pre-shipment control bases its price comparison for the verification of the export price on the prices of identical or similar goods that are offered for export to or on the same date to the same exporting country, under competitive and comparable selling conditions, in accordance with the usual business practices and net of applicable standard rebates. Such a comparison is based on the following: If you have a problem or disagreement with a pre-shipment inspection, you should first contact the PSI company and try to resolve the problem directly. The agreement requires PSI to appoint a complaint officer to handle all complaints filed by exporters.

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