Thursday Training: Training normally starts each Thursday at 18.45 sharp from the Royal Free Hospital Recreation centre in Fleet Road. We will wait if you let us know you’re coming but please be prompt. Training suspended during the coronavirus outbreak.

Alexandra Palace event: Saturday 24 April 2021

alexandra palace  Alexandra palace map
Further details here.
It will be a low-key colour-coded event with three courses:
Green 4.5 km
Short Green 3.1 km
Yellow 1.1 km
There will be no entry on the day. Entry will be via Fabian4
Enter Online

There will be an overall limit of 100 (max 15 on the Yellow).
Entries are now open. Entries close on Sunday 18 April or earlier if the overall entry limit has been reached.

Street Orienteering

The results for the October Fitzrovia StreetO event are here.
The course is still available via MapRunF – see the event page.

Explore London on foot with TfL’s Streetspace-inspired orienteering challenges

Transport for London (TfL) has partnered with British Orienteering to create some active travel-inspired urban orienteering challenges.
Five of the six challenges are on British Orienteering’s Streetspace Challenges web page.
The sixth challenge has been planned by Jon Chandler and incorporates the City of London.
Map and photos: Bishopsgate & Borough High Street
Submit Bishopsgate & Borough High Street Answers
Congratulations to David Float (HAVOC) who was the lucky winner of the draw for those with correct solutions by 31st October 2020.
The six challenges remains open as an “anytime” opportunity to explore London.

Orienteering during the Coronavirus outbreak

In line with Government advice, British Orienteering suspended all organised Orienteering events and activities.
Orienteering events have been allowed again since 1st August but is suspended during the second lockdown. See the BOF Coronavirus Safe Orienteering page.
However, Permanent Orienteering Courses remain open. They are an excellent recreational activity for individuals and families which can be continued during the outbreak while still maintaining social distancing.
Watch this video to find out more.
LOK maintains Permanent Courses at Hampstead Heath and Golders Hill Park in cooperation with the City of London Corporation.
You can download the pdf for Hampstead Heath here.
You can download the pdf for Golders Hill Park here.
Alternatively, both are available via the free Mobile Orienteering App. Search for MOBO Orienteering. At each control post, you can scan the QR code, and your punch is uploaded to the MOBO website

Compass Sport Cup qualifying round 2020 – 15th March – Hampstead Heath

Thank you for attending the Hampstead Heath Compass Sport Cup qualifiying round.

Final course results are available here including Compass Sport Cup results.  Routegadget, WinSplits results and Attackpoint results are also available.    Please upload your route to Routegadget so everyone can see where you went.   Note the Routegadget results exclude the road timeouts.

Congratulations to SLOW and GO who go forward to the CSC final.

Enquiries via

Lost property:
Blue CompassSport headband
Contact David Rosen to claim.

StreetO Tuesday 11 February 2020 – The Angel, Islington

Venue: The Three Johns 73 White Lion Street N1 9PF Google Maps
Planner/Organiser:Elaine Battson (LOK)



Join LOK Online senior £26.50 junior £9.0

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