GLOSS 2018

GLOSS 2018 Event 2

LOK – Sunday 1st July – Addington Hills

See front page of for results.


GLOSS 2018 Event 1

HAVOC – Sunday 24th June – Hornchurch

The scoring for Hornchurch is now available here. A narrow win for HH with LOK, HAVOC and DFOK only a few points behind.

There was a solid turnout at the inaugural event of the 2018 GLOSS series at Hornchurch Country Park. Most competitors opted for the 3.7km, 12 control GLOSS course in the 26c heat, even if they had previously declared other intentions. James Errington (M21), fresh from anchoring the final leg of Happy Herts’ Harvester relays ‘A’ team at Tilgate was quickest in 24:22 minutes. James was one of the six competitors at the Harvester who made it to the event.

The London Orienteering Klubb (LOK)’s success in winning the Combined Harvester trophy in 1986 was in fact the inspiration for the commissioning of the London Bus Trophy, awarded each year to the winner of the GLOSS series since 1988.
Quickest female was Sue Carter (SLOW) in 32:47 and juniors Matthew Dixon (M16) of HH in 34:21 and Camille Roux (W18) of SLOW in 43:25.

Thanks to Janet Biggs (HAVOC) for planning the progressively more testing GLOSS course across a mix of wood and open areas, the latter characterised by the recently mown springy long grass.

Thanks also to also to Colin Jackson for organising. Full (unhandicapped) results are available on HAVOC’s website. Show the planner where you went and review others’ routes on Routegadget.

This was the debut of a revised approach to handicapping now fully based on British Orienteering’s ranking scheme. Competitors are now awarded points based on how well on the day they outdo their ranking. Any scoring queries to Paul Todd.

Next up is Addington Hills on Sunday, 1 July, the jewel in the crown of GLOSS 2018 series venues, newly remapped using LIDAR data and unused since 2010. See you there.
More details about the series are on the GLOSS page.
Catherine Galvin