GLOSS Series 2018

The Greater London Orienteering Summer Series (GLOSS) is a series of events run by the clubs in and around London and within the M25. It runs in June and July and is a club competition (ie clubs compete to win the trophy) – but it operates a handicap system which strongly favours those with less experience (or none!) and who are younger or older – very often those contributing most to their club’s score are relative newcomers. So if you are a recently started orienteer, or even if you have never tried it, you will be welcome. It is a handicap series which aims to cater for beginners through to expert orienteers.

Frolics bus-smallThe races are on 5 successive weekends generally with start times between 10.00 and 11.30. Although they are inter-club races, they are open to all, including complete beginners who have never orienteered before and are not a member of any club. There is no need to pre-book, you just turn up and enter on the day.

There are 2 course options; the GLOSS (formerly named ‘frolic’) course which is usually about 3-5km and is of moderate (Light Green standard) navigational difficulty and a ‘Yellow’ course which is about 2km and with much easier navigation. In addition for those doing the GLOSS course, there is an optional ‘Extension’ to provide another 2-4 km.

The winning club each year carries off the prestigious London Bus Trophy – and it is always a closely fought battle!

For 2018 the handicap scoring system is (as previously) based on competitors’ BOF ranking list scores. Your average BOF ranking points are used to provide your handicap. For each point over than 1000, you get a 4 second handicap. For each point less than 1000 your actual time is reduced by 4 seconds. So if your current ranking score is 2700 achieved at 3 ranking events, your average is 900 and you’ll get 100 x 4 seconds reduction in your time i.e. 6 minutes 40 seconds. If you took 45 minutes to complete the GLOSS course, your handicapped time will be 38:20. Easy!

If you don’t have BOF ranking points, you age, gender and experience are used to give you a notional ranking.

The new GLOSS event guidelines include details of the scoring scheme and the event format. This supersedes previous versions.

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Catherine Galvin
2018 GLOSS series coordinator (LOK)