London Bridge StreetO 8 November 2022

RESULTS (Corrected 21 November)

Planner: Elaine Battson
Venue: The Horseshoe Inn pub 26 Melior Street London London SE1 3QP It is round the back of London Bridge station.

What3Words: hopes.straw.petal

The Horseshoe Inn

The Horseshoe Inn

Start Times: 18:30 to 19:30

60 minute score event.

Map scale: 1:10,000

Entry fees: £2 LOK & SLOW, students and juniors; £4 for others; +£1 SI card hire. Card payments preferred.

You will get a specially produced street map showing the control points you need to find. You will need a timing chip – so bring your own SI/SIAC if you have one, otherwise you can hire one for £1.

Groups or pairs are welcome. Make as any entries as you want maps (e.g. if you are running in a pair and want a map each then make 2 entries).

If you’re not an LOK member, please consider joining.

For the event, you’ll need to bring running gear, a watch or timepiece to keep track of time, and a pen to fill in the answers on the cluesheet. It will be dark so please wear hi-visibility clothing and you are advised to bring a headtorch or light to make map reading easier. A compass is not essential!

Like all our Street-Os, this a public race – all are welcome.

Enter by Google Form and pay on the night. Please aim to do this at least a week before the event so we can print the correct number of maps. NOTE! We have now run out of maps printed on waterproof paper. Any last minute entries received today (8th November) will be given copies printed on ordinary paper. The forecast is for dry weather this evening.


We’ll be using the same ‘score’ format as previous years, where you have 60 minutes to collect as many points as possible. Using the map provided, find controls in whichever order you like, collecting 10 points for each control starting with a 1, 20 points for each starting with a 2 and so on. As the controls are worth differing points, there are some tactics in deciding where to go. If you’re late, the penalty is 1 penalty point for every 2 seconds late back (so you’ll lose 30 points if you are a minute late back etc.). This guide provides general information about street orienteering.

1. Register via the Google Form and come along on-the-day to pay and to collect your timing chip (if necessary).

2. On the day at the start, the start official will give you the map and clue sheet. Write down your name on the clue sheet. When you are ready to start, “dib” your timing chip to start your time and your 60 minute countdown.

3. Find controls in whichever order you like. At each location you’ll fill in the answer to the question on the clue sheet to prove that you’ve been there.

4. Return to the finish and “dib” the finish box to stop your time. Come back within 60 minutes to avoid time penalties. If you don’t want to be out for a full 60 minutes you can come back earlier.

5. Report back to the registration desk after you’ve finished and hand in your clue sheet to be marked. You can collect this after it has been marked and score recorded. Full final results will be posted on the website as soon as possible.

All competitors take part at their own risk, and because of our insurance any under-16s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.