Osterley Park 28th June 2015

Osterley is a new area for LOK, and it’s thanks to the National Trust wanting to encourage more sport in their properties that we got to use it today.  Being the first event of the GLOSS series, coinciding with the Harvester meant a lower than expected turnout, but 91 runs and 62 GLOSS runs made the event worthwhile to put on.  We did get some passing-by visitors, which is always good, and sunnier weather would have seen more.

The 15 minute Score extension course was shorter than the GLOSS course. Simon Errington visited all controls in 4.1km. James Errington also took in all controls, and even with 100 penalties was only 10 points worse off than if he had stopped at 15 minutes, and still won the course.  The original plan had been to have a penalty of 10 points per 15 seconds and that would have wiped out all of his visits!

The GLOSS club level results are as follows. Click here for detailed competitor-level scoring.

  • SLOW 20
  • LOK 19
  • HH 18
  • HAVOC 17
  • DFOK 16
  • TVOC 15
  • MV 14
  • CHIG 13
  • SO 12

Series results are here.

Osterley  Park

Osterley Park

Osterley Park

Osterley Park