The Southern Night Championships 21 November 2015 – Holmbury

How to read the results:

  • Courses ending with an ‘A’ are the Army equivalent of the same numbered course that the civilians ran; e.g. 2A and 2 are the same course on the ground
  • Classes that are labeled as an age class, e.g. W45, means it only contains runners who ran the appropriate course in order for their sex/age, REGARDLESS of whether they were eligible for the Southern Nights Championship.
  • If the column labelled ‘Southern Night Champ’ contains an ‘S’ it indicates that the runner was eligible for the Southern Night Champs … email if you believe you should have been eligible but are not shown as such.

Autodownload results

Combined course results (PDF) – civilian, age/sex and Army combined at class level

Combined course results (Excel) – so you can set your own Excel filters

Routegadget for uploading your routes



PROVISIONAL BOF Ranking points

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