Primrose Hill June-July 2021

Welcome to the fourth Summer Park Race, which is in Primrose Hill. We have two courses for you to choose from, “Long” (4.3km direct line) and “Short” (2.3km). To count for the series results, you can do this race anytime between Wednesday 16th June and Sunday 4th July inclusive. But it will remain open for all of 2021.

Please continue to respect the latest Coronavirus restrictions when taking part in this event, and please be courteous to other park users when out on your course.

Primrose Hill Map Snippet

Primrose Hill Map Snippet


The start of both courses is just inside the East corner of Primrose Hill, next to the junction of Regents Park Road and Primrose Hill Road.

Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm (Northern Line). From there it is a 600 metre walk to the start via the Painted Bridge.
Latitude/longitude 51.539947, -0.158200
OS grid reference TQ278839
What3Words for the Start bump.magic.areas
Nearest postcode: NW1 8XJ


There are free toilets in the park – about 300 metres due South of the start.


The courses are linear, which means you need to find the controls in order and the fastest person to do so wins.

As previously, we’ll be using the MapRun6 timing app.

Technical details

If you haven’t already, please install MapRun6 on your phone and download your selected course from UK > London North > StreetO > Primrose Hill (Long or Short). If you’d like to run with a Garmin watch instead of your phone, follow these instructions as well.

Next, download and print the race map (you will need this to navigate). Here is the Primrose Hill Long and the Primrose Hill Short Map. There are IOF symbol control descriptions on the map.

Note that (as usual), North is at the top of the map when printed. The map has no legend but you can see an explanation of symbols here.

Once you’re ready to go, press ‘Go To Start’ (there is no code required) and the App or watch will start automatically when you’re at the start location. The App will record each control (beeping each time) and then stop your time when you’re at the finish.

Important Note: The Long Course is basically two loops so the course is split into two parts on the printed version. It is quite likely that you will pass and “punch” one or more controls by accident as you happen to go near them. That doesn’t matter – MapRun will ignore any extra punches. However, it is worth checking your code after you’ve heard the beep to make sure that you have actually got the right one. When you are mid-way between two close controls, you might just find that MapRun starts beeping like mad as it punches the two alternately in quick succession. If that happens, don’t panic! Just move on briskly until you are out of range of one of them.

Your result should be uploaded automatically, but if not, you might need use Upload (Manual) on the Results page of the App. If you’re using MapRunG, you may need to ‘Get Track from Garmin’.

All competitors take part at their own risk.

Enjoy the challenge! If you have any questions, just ask me, David Rosen.

Planner: David Rosen (LOK).