2013: LOK Park Race Series

Grovelands Park – 6th June 2013

Twice as many participants (86) as our last visit to Grovelands in 2011 … thank you for making it worthwhile for Martin Hime to plan his first course.

Sorry the chef had had a tiff or whatever in the pub, so no food.


Park Race Series rankings

Middlesex. Uni Campus – 19th June 2013

We have Don McKerrow (SLOW) to thank for mapping this small but beautifully sprintable campus last year, and for BOF passing on the map … and Jon Chandler planning his first Sprint event.  For those who haven’t run a sprint O before, we trust you discovered the need to keep an eye on which control you’re heading for next (and check its code) as 10% missed controls, including some of our most experienced orienteers …… so a real tortoise and hare race!


Hampstead Heath West – 1st August 2013

Nightmare event …. hardware won’t work, 10 people more than maps printed, ran out of hire dibbers and one control stolen … and I still can’t get the software to talk to the upload/download boxes ….. but I do have some results for you … with the following caveats:

  • I only have start and finish times … so no idea if you did Long or Short … email me if on Short, otherwise we’ll assume Long (unless you look ‘too fast’!)
  • I can’t tell if you missed any controls … email if you know you missed one (it’s called being honest!)
  • sorry to the six at foot of table … I can’t find any finish time … maybe you didn’t ‘clear’ before you started and your dibber ran out of space?

On the positives … I did say it would be the most challenging Park Race event of the series … with fastest of 31 min, a median of 1 hour, and longest at 2 hrs 3 min, I think I was right!  Sounds like you enjoyed a little bit of extra navigational challenge for a mid-week event …. next time you run here will be on a new map, drawn from scratch!

If you want to fill in any spaces in the results, eg if you did Short or name is missing, email Neil with details.

Results can be downloaded here (last updated 21:00 7 Aug).

ActivityMix results here

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