2013 – September: Ultra Sprint, Victoria Park

On the day we had 304 competitors (out of 326 pre-entries) testing their accuracy at fast map reading and fast punching in Victoria Park …. we think you enjoyed it!

With downloads averaging one every seven seconds we think we just about kept ahead of:  computer not being able to read 1 in 5 dibbers on course A/X,  runners downloading in the wrong lane, runners using dibbers that didn’t match what they entered in to Fabian4, failure of the first control … trust we didn’t look to frazzled!

You seemed to like: no control descriptions to make it harder; the excellent and accurate map produced by Paul Todd (LOK); the maze changing for the finals; no rain; the super smooth feel of the event (OK, I added that one!)… if you would like to comment on the good and bad bits, you can try the Nopesport forum or email chairman@LondonOrienteering.co.uk.

Found: One pair of frameless glasses with distinctive concave edge to top of lenses -email chairman@LondonOrienteering.co.uk.


If you spot any errors, please email chairman@LondonOrienteering.co.uk.

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