2012 – June: Jubilee weekend, Leith Hill

Jubilee logoLeith Hill – 2nd to 5th June 2012

Results (W55/60 updated 09:00 6/6/12)

BOF ranking points


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SEOA Middle Distance Championships 2012 medal winners (W55/60 updated 09:00 6/6/12).  Contains details of winners who have not yet had their medals passed on to their club.  Any queries to chairman@londonorienteering.co.uk.  (in CSV format if you don’t have Excel 2010)

Companion Excel spreadsheet (W55/60 updated 09:00 6/6/12) containing full analysis of how medals awarded, including other runners who didn’t receive a medal.  Any queries, such as unsure how spreadsheet populated, to chairman@londonorienteering.co.uk. (in CSV format if you don’t have Excel 2010)

Final  Details.  For archive reference.

Organiser’s comments

For some, the Leith Hill event was a challenge!  the desire to provide fantastic, technically challenging courses at this time of year meant that three coaches were our only option … getting you all there in nine journeys  ran to schedule …. getting the last 100 home didn’t!  I can only apologise for the considerable delay (up to 1:55 hrs!) that two ‘broken down’ coaches caused … one I can confirm as it was almost blocking the road 200m from the Leith Hill pick-up point … the other ‘breakdown’ I have my doubts about.  Special thank you to the volunteer drivers (Bruce Marshall – WAOC, Simon Greenwood – MV, Phil Marsland – SLOW, Richard Barrett – BOF … and think there was one other) when went out of their way to rescue the stranded … luckily I had booked the traditional no rain weather … the situation would have been different had it been raining.

Whilst we didn’t manage to present the medals on the day, I trust all recipients feel proud of their achievements now they have been published.  One thing we have learnt from this event is to better co-ordinate and publicise the relationship between courses, age classes and medals … we didn’t pay enough attention to this aspect of your Championship experience … trust the provided working-out behind the winners is transparent to all.

Finally … LOK ran this event with just 15 volunteers (including Controller and Planners) …. Half Term etc dictated that a less-than skeleton team had to run this event … we don’t think you noticed, which goes to show that if you want something done properly, give it to a busy person!

Neil Brooks – Chairman


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